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Welcome to Artefact's Introduction Website for Nuxeo products

This special theme website gives you background information about the Nuxeo products. Besides it gives you the possibility to take a sneak preview by logging in on our demo environment or start a Guided Tour. Please contact us about this.

Nuxeo in short

Nuxeo is a French company with a rich history on Enterprise Content Management. First starting off on a Python based framework named Zope, but then decided to make a huge move forward and created an enterprise grade framework called Nuxeo EP (Enterprise Platform).
On top of Nuxeo EP various applications have been built. These applications can be extended and other applications can be built and deployed on top of Nuxeo EP.
Nuxeo software is open source and allows adaptation and extension by third parties. Both the company as the Nuxeo product are truely open and transparant. Nuxeo is active on the internet and participates in related technologies, such as Eclipse. Probably all these are drivers for the evolvement of a large community.

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